The Times They Are A Changin'

This is a season of renewal.  With spring comes Passover and Easter: holidays that celebrate, in different ways, the ending of one kind of life and the beginning of another.  Renewal has been near to my heart over the last few weeks, both for myself and our denomination.

As I referenced in my last column, on March 24 I had my final interview for ministerial fellowship in the Unitarian Universalist Association.  I was granted a ‘Category 1,’ qualifying me for Unitarian Universalist Ministry with no contingencies.  This marked the culmination- and in some ways the end- of a process that I started over six years ago.  I will be at UUCSR with you through June 30, and in the meantime have started the search process for a congregation to serve as called or interim minister.

In a strange coincidence, from my point of view, the month that I entered preliminary fellowship with the UUA has also been a month that the UUA has undergone significant transition.  On March 30, Rev. Peter Morales resigned as President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  The Association’s board has appointed a three member leadership team of Bill Sinkford, Sophia Betancourt, and Leon Spencer to serve as co-presidents until our previously scheduled election in June. 

There is change and renewal in the air this month, but like all change it comes with anxiety.  I don’t know yet where I’ll be in six months, and the same might be said the the UUA, or any of our institutions.  Anxiety is a healthy part of transitions and new beginnings, and I hope that whether in our lives or in our faith we can give ourselves and each other grace to be present in whatever we are feeling.

The holidays of this season are about new beginnings, new lives in new places, new ways to live.   Yet those beginnings are not easy:  for new life on Easter Sunday there is the grief of Good Friday; joy at escaping Egypt was tempered by fear at the banks of the Red Sea.  In the end though, those stories turn out well.  May it be so for all of us, and may we move through these uncertain times to renew ourselves, our faith, and our institutions.