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Minister, Unitarian Church of Lincoln Nebraska







About Oscar

Originally from East Lansing, Michigan, I followed a long path to ministry, joining Peace Corps and starting a career in the nonprofit world before recognizing that ministry in the Unitarian Universalist Association was how I could best express who I was, while channeling my idealism into a faith and organization I have been a part of for fifteen years.

Unitarian Universalism is in a critical position right now.  For fifty years, we have struggled with defining what we are not as an institution– not Christian, not creedal, not fundamentalist- sometimes at the expense of making a positive case for who we are as a faith.  We are at a moment now where, I believe, the UU faith is uniquely positioned to speak to our broader society.  American society is becoming increasingly pluralistic, and surveys of my generation express both a frustration with traditional forms of creedal religion and a longing for community.  Unitarian Universalism can speak to that longing and frustration in a way few other denominations can, as we find ways to create communities based not on some dry statement of belief, but on shared appreciation of each individual and a shared search for meaning.

In 2017 I began serving as called minister at the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, Nebraska. Our Congregational website is available at www.unitarianlincoln.org



First Unitarian Church of Baltimore


Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock


Carolinas Medical Center, Levine Children's Hospital


Wesley Theological Seminary

“I believe that the roots of that courage lie in the faith itself: the faith that no earthly or celestial language can exaggerate the worth of a human life. That simple belief calls us to act in the world, becomes the absurd, perverse hope of Adrienne Rich that in each age those of no extraordinary power reconstitute the world.”


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